Monday, July 1, 2013

Digital Nails Ultimate Ginger, Wibbly Wobbly, and Timey Wimey

Digital Nails Wibbly Wobbly, Ultimate Ginger, and Timey Wimey

It's Summertime out there, which means it's time for bright colors, shiny glitter, and Doctor Who! Yeah! Today I have three stunning glitters from Digital Nails that I'm really excited to share. I recently picked up Ultimate Ginger and Wibbly Wobbly, and Raphaelle was kind enough to add Timey Wimey for me to review as well. Now, onto the trio of awesome Doctor & Companion colors!

Digital Nails Ultimate Ginger
I have to admit, I was taken by surprise with how much I came to love Ultimate Ginger! It isn't a color combination I would have expected, but it's absolutely gorgeous. The aqua-tinted base with orange, yellow, white, green, and turquoise glitter reminds me of a cool and serene koi pond.

This is my first experience with Digital Nails polishes and I'm truly impressed! Ultimate Ginger had a wonderful formula that applied evenly with excellent glitter distribution. Shown here is two coats on its own.

One of my favorite aspects of Digital Nails' colors is the inspiration behind them, and the fact that they're often awesomely nerdy. These three colors are based on "Doctor Who," and even got me to finally start watching this show (thank you Raph!). So while I haven't yet encountered the "Ultimate Ginger," if she's anything like this incredible polish, I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Digital Nails Wibbly Wobbly over Revlon Urban

Wibbly Wobbly is the polish that first drew me to Digital Nails-- I was instantly head over heels in love with it! The neon lime and pink mixed with green, turquoise, and blue, along with the large holographic aqua circles, is just spectacular! And the lightly blue-tinted base gives it a "jelly" look that's still translucent enough for layering.

I was very pleased to find Wibbly Wobbly also had a perfect formula, and was very easy to work with. Even the large circles weren't too difficult to get a hold of! Since the base is quite sheer, I decided to layer it over a muted navy creme, Revlon Urban. This was about two coats.

My Doctor Who-enabling friend had been telling me about the episode that features two of these polishes' namesakes for some time, so having finally seen it recently was super awesome! And creepy, very creepy.

Digital Nails Timey Wimey over L'Oreal Miss Pixie

Timey Wimey is Wibbly Wobbly's non-linear, non-subjective counterpart, and also contains a bright and beautiful mix of colors: neon lime, red, fuchsia, purple, and turquoise hexes, squares, shreds, and more of those wonderful large aqua holo circles!

The formula was also flawless, with excellent amounts of glitter and easy application, with just some placing needed for the large circles. Here I've used about two coats of Timey Wimey over a blue jelly, L'Oreal Miss Pixie.

Digital Nails creates some really amazing and unique colors, made all the more memorable by the awesomeness that they're based on. She has her polishes for sale in her Etsy shop, and you can find restock info and sneak peeks of new colors on her Facebook page, so be sure to "like" it!


  1. All three are great colors!! There so pretty and sparkly :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love those big circles. *___*