Friday, September 20, 2013

A England: Sleeping Palace

A England Sleeping Palace

There is something about A England's polishes that makes them remarkably unique and enchanting. I just love the mythology and inspiration behind them, the flawless formulas, and the mysterious and exquisite colors. The most recent "Burne-Jones Dream" collection is no exception. I was immediately taken with Sleeping Palace-- perfect for Fall, or any time you want your nails to look damn good.

The Sleeping Beauty, "Prince Finds Princess Asleep and Kisses Her," by Gustave Dore

Sleeping Palace is an aubergine-tinted charcoal holographic with a slightly linear prismatic effect. It is stunning. The color is beautifully subtle and the holo is bright without overpowering the bewitching smoky plum shade. The formula was incredible, smooth and very opaque without being thick or difficult to apply, and only needed 1-2 coats for full coverage.

A England polishes can be purchased directly from their website at, as well as through many e-tailers for us non-UK residents, listed here.

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