Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pastel Galaxy Nails

Recently I've been fairly obsessed with celestial-inspired fashions, the cheesier the better! (Cosmic kitten tees, astral leggings, you name it.) So I finally decided to do an actual "galaxy" manicure, and put my own spin on it. Here are my "Princess Unicorn Galaxy Nails"! ♥

For this manicure, I first painted my nails a white creme, and added a topcoat. After it had dried, I sponged on the colors I wanted to use to create a very soft ethereal/fantasy look-- neon pink, turquoise, cobalt blue, fuchsia, and very pale lavender. The light lavender really helped subdue the neons if they became too bright. I used a bit of regular kitchen sponge and a tweezer to dab the polish on, but a makeup sponge probably would have worked better and made blending easier. The polishes I used were Sally Hansen White On (white), SpaRitual Knowledge is power (pink), Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing (turquoise), Essie Butler Please (cobalt), Verity Deep Fuchsia (fuchsia), and SpaRitual Lucid (lavender).

After I painted a topcoat over the sponged colors and let that fully dry, I used a long, thin nail art brush to paint my stars, and a dotting tool for the little dots.

When I told my husband I'd painted galaxy nails and showed him, he went, "That's not what space looks like!" And I told him, "This is a magical cupcake galaxy, with flying unicorns and kittens!" (Pictured above.) I know you totally get what I mean, reader.

 On my right hand I decided to do a glitter topper, because I'm really lazy to change things up a bit! ;) Indigo Bananas "Chill Out" is the perfect subtle white and iridescent glitter, I absolutely love it over pastels! Please don't mind my super awkward right hand, it has no idea how to model polish.

+ Indigo Bananas Chill Out

Next cosmic manicure: MEOWLAXY! Yup, that's exactly what it sounds like (kittehs in space! :3). Stay tuned!


  1. This looks beautiful - and totally a cupcake-princess-unicorn galaxy!! :)

  2. This is gorgeous! Totally see what you were going for! :)

  3. This is fantastic! Every galaxy needs unicorns and kittens <3 Totally looking forward to seeing the Meowlaxy!

  4. Yep, I totally get it. :-D Gorgeous!

  5. I'm droolin'. I'm surprised a unicorn hasn't showed up at your house like "welcome to the awesome space unicorn club" and taken you off to his castle in the sky.