Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Darling Diva White Witch Collection, Part 1

I'm sharing some magnificent new colors from Darling Diva Polish with you all today; all incredibly strong and saturated holos from her Stevie Nicks inspired "White Witch" collection. Carrie drew from her love for Stevie Nicks as well as this fantastic season of American Horror Story: Coven to create this bewitching ensemble. I almost feel like this collection was designed just for me, because I'm completely in love with all of these brilliant colors!

Products sent for my honest review.

Darling Diva Bella Donna

Bella Donna is a gorgeous bright violet linear holographic with a jelly-like finish. This color is absolute perfection, and the holo effect is very intense! Carrie formulated all of these colors to be very strong holographics, which for some meant that they're a little bit more sheer, but also totally worth it. Bella Donna applied super smooth and evenly, and needed about four coats to become opaque.

Darling Diva Dreams

Dreams is the perfect shade of lavender-blue with a smooth, linear holographic finish. This is another color I just loved wearing, it really is the periwinkle of my dreams! The formula was also exceptional, and needed about three coats. I'm just going to let the photos do all the talking!

Darling Diva Edge of Seventeen

Edge of Seventeen is a beautifully unique apple green (or perhaps "swamp" green, as Misty might prefer) linear holographic packed with pink-to-gold and blue-to-fuchsia shifting shimmer. This is such an incredibly cool green! The shifting shimmer adds a whole other dimension to this color that you mostly catch in indirect lighting, and the holo takes the stage in direct light, making it truly lovely to behold anytime and anywhere. The formula was excellent, and just a little more sheer, needing 4-5 coats to look fully opaque.

Darling Diva Gypsy

Gypsy is a stunning lavender linear holographic with a foil-like finish and tons of pink and blue shifting shimmer, giving it multi-dimensional color. This is one of my absolute favorites, the finish and color make it so unique and eye-catching! I love how it's somewhat reflective yet so full of texture and depth. And in full sun the holo is super prismatic and gorgeous. Gypsy was also a little on the sheer side and needed about 4-5 coats, but like I said, is so totally worth it!

Darling Diva If Anyone Falls

If Anyone Falls is a beautiful rich burgundy-plum linear holographic. Absolutely exquisite color, and super luxe and saturated; If Anyone Falls is another polish I just adore from this collection! The formula was also superb and only needed 2-3 coats, as pictured here.

Darling Diva Landslide

Landslide is a wonderful grass-green linear holographic with lovely gold shimmer. This is such a rich and vibrant shade of green that's just marvelous! The formula was excellent and very smooth, although somewhat sheer. Shown here is four coats.

Are you as in love with these colors as I am? Which are your favorites so far? I still have the other half of this fabulous collection to share, so keep a lookout for more! 

Darling Diva Polish


  1. Wowee woowa! And that's not even all of it?! Well... I need If Anyone Falls, I feel like it will help fill the void that missing out on Good Golly Miss Molly has left. I'll also be having those other two marvellous purples. Gorgeous swatches!!

    1. I think you'll definitely be very happy with If Anyone Falls, it's even prettier in person!! And all of the purples, I was seriously sooo stoked for this many great purples!

  2. They're all beautiful, but If Anyone Falls has to be my favourite!

  3. Ooh, these are all gorgeous! Great swatches :)

    1. Thank you Cathy! ;) Yeah I super dig all of these colors.

  4. Holy rainbows! Just when I thought I was holo-ed out! I absolutely Love the purple ones :3

    1. Right?! They're so *bright* and awesome! #holos4lyfe.

  5. Ah so pretty! I want them all :D