Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Serum No. 5: Part One

I'm really excited to share a couple of awesome glitter polishes that Serum No. 5 sent to me. This was my first time trying Serum No. 5 polishes and they're really lovely, have a look!

Serum No. 5 Heartbreaker over Zoya Kendal & NYC Mint Macaroon

First I have Heartbreaker, a mix of satin pink and red hearts, small white hexes, black bars, holographic fuchsia micro-glitter, and small pink/gold iridescent flakes in a clear base. I thought it would look nice over a pastel gradient and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Heartbreaker is very sweet yet sophisticated; even with the heart glitters, it didn't feel *too* girly to me. The formula was great and easy to apply, I just dabbed on the hearts to get them where I liked.

Next up is Poppy Fields, which combines red, black, and gold hexes, squares and CIRCLE(!!) glitter in a red tinted base. I love all of the circle glitter we've been seeing in indie polishes recently, and they look just perfect in Poppy Fields!

Serum No. 5 Poppy Fields over OPI Diva of Geneva

I layered Poppy Fields over a beautiful burgundy, OPI Diva of Geneva, however it would look great over a pink/coral (like a watermelon!), and can also be worn on it's own as a semi-sheer red jelly.

The formula was very easy to work with and had plenty of glitter! This was two coats over Diva of Geneva.

I have a couple more polishes from from Serum No. 5 I can't wait to show off; one is one of her famous glow-in-the-dark polishes (and I figured out how to use my DSLR manually to capture it, yayy!)!

You can find Serum No. 5 polishes for sale in her shop, from Ninja Polish, and soon they will be available at Harlow & Co. Also be sure to follow her on Facebook for updates, contests, and new colors!

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