Monday, April 29, 2013

Sinister Benediction: Part Two

I hope you're ready for some color-packed polishes! Here are three stunning multichromes sent to me by Sinister Benediction, and an extravaganza of polish pictures!

Sinister Benediction Aqua Illusion over Wet n Wild Black Creme

First is the beautiful Aqua Illusion, an olive-toned green that shifts teal/blue with hints of violet at extreme angles. I layered two coats over black as the base is very sheer, although I believe it has been reformulated to be opaque in two coats.

The formula was very smooth and easy to work with, well-pigmented without being streaky.

Aqua Illusion is a lovely shade of green, kind of an emerald-olive. Below is how it looks in most lighting.

Sinister Benediction Horse Feathers over Revlon Urban

Next up is Horse Feathers! Oh have you noticed these names sound a little familiar? They're spoofs on some of Nubar's popular multichromes! Though not exact dupes, they have a similarly awesome color range.

Horse Feathers is a gorgeous teal that shifts blue to violet. This was two coats over dark navy to make the colors pop. As with Aqua Illusion, the formula was excellent and easy to apply. It has also been reformulated to not require undies!

Such a beautiful shade of teal! This is how Horse Feather looks in direct light.

Sinister Benediction Purple Moon over Sinful Colors Mesmerize

And lastly, and probably my favorite of the three, is Purple Moon, an incredible pink shimmer that shifts to copper, gold, and even chartreuse/green.

Purple Moon is super versatile and looks fantastic over a range of colors! The multichrome is most vibrant over dark colors, and adds a beautiful shimmer to medium shades. Here I have two coats layered over a dark violet creme.

Another great formula and very well-pigmented; two coats evens it out perfectly.

At extreme angles you'll see a really wild green!

Sinister Benediction Purple Moon over MAC Quiet Time, Essie Lapis of Luxury, L'Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight, Revlon Charming

I also *love* how Purple Moon looks over pastels! I tried it over a few different colors and particularly liked it over my favorite periwinkle, Essie Lapis of Luxury. It would even make a nice "Aqua Lily" over turquoise.

Sinister Benediction Purple Moon over Essie Lapis of Luxury

This was such a fun polish to play with, you'll want to try it on everything!

Sinister Benediction has just reopened her shop and even has the limited Hobbit polishes on sale, so go and check out her Etsy store before they disappear!

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